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*** EMERGENCY ALERT WARNING**** 10 September 2013

The US FEMA Agency, Federal Troops, National Guard Units are on Crisis Alert in preparation for a METEOR IMPACT EVENT to happen in the 5-6 October 2013 timeframe, where the large Meteor will cross the US and hit the east coast, in the area of the Delaware Bay.  15,000 Russian disaster recovery troops are being brought in to assist FEMA, with a 1 October ready date.  The mass media is keeping the whole thing blacked out, and the government gangsters are already rushing to their underground bunker cities to save their own ass.  It is likely that the regional and perhaps National power grids will be knocked out.  It will effect everyone in North America, and the impact may start the breaking away of the US New Madrid fault zone, and other major geologic incidents.  If the Meteor hits farther to sea, it will make a tsunami which will wipe out the east coast cities, and within a day, all the coastal European cities. FEMA has activated all the prison camps to be fully manned, and be ready to receive a million refugees/survivors.  The US Government will begin it's process of shutdown on Oct 1, as no budget deal will be reached.  All Government payments, checks, SS, welfare, unemployment, rent subsidies, etc. will stop, and the banking systems will be closed by Oct 15, and all commerce will stop.

                               THE IRS GANGSTERS

THE IRS IS A PRIVATE CORPORATION ENTITY, A SUBSIDERARY OF THE INTERNATIONAL MONETARY FUND ( A Private Corporation )working as a Contractor for the Private Banking Cartel: THE FEDERAL RESERVE, a Private Corporation, collecting assets payable to the Crown of London ( a Sovereignty separate from the United Kingdom )funneling the funds collected thru the Queens Exchequer Bank to the private owners of the Banking Cartel.  To date, 700 trillion Dollars have been illegally siphoned off from the American people.


A Class Action Lawsuit was filed 12-4-2011 in the United States District Court for the District of Arizona, Case # 2:11-cv-02089-SRB by Liberty Legal Foundation in behalf of 3 Plaintiffs, against the National Democratic Party of the USA Inc. alledging fraud, submittal of fraudulent documents, and misstatement of facts, in documentation submitted to the Secretary of State of Arizona naming Barrack Hussain Obama as the nominated party of the Democratic Party for the 2012 election. Barrack Obama has admitted publicly that his father was NOT a U.S. Citizen, this fact was publicly acknowledged by the U.S. State Department,  and the court is asked to enforce the Supreme Court decision in Minor v. Happersett, 88 U.S. 162 where the issue requirement per the U.S. Constitution Article II sec.1 of Natural Born Citizen was already decided, as Barrack H. Obama does NOT meet the constitutional requirement to be qualified as President of the United States.  The lawsuit also demands relief and a Court Order against the Democratic Party that such falsified documents not be submitted to the Secretaries of State in all 50 States. The standing of the Plaintiffs to prosecute this case is well documented, and errfutable. One of the Plaintiffs is a registered candidate for U.S. President and has total standing.   This time we may get the job done. AS USUAL;  The scumbag Federal Judge did nothing, ruled they had no standing to sue, and dismissed, and sealed the court records.  There are enough documents in this file to INDICT OBAMA 14 times over.  As usual, the Federal crooks have trashed the Constitution.

*** EMERGENCY ALERT 4 **** Dec 7, 2011

The insane criminals in Congress passed the National Defense Authorization Act of 2011, wherein Section 1031 grants authority to the ARMY under the direction of " the President" to arrest and indefinitely detain anyone, even U.S. Citizens, even on U.S. soil, and imprison them anywhere without charges for an indefinite time and declare them Enemies of the State, and use tortute or any methods on them, and hold them forever without trial or rights. This was the end of America as a Constitutional Republic. Danger of an all-out Civil War is imminent. The Department of Homeland Security is busy naming all Patriots as terrorists. As of June 2013, the FEMA DETENTION CAMPS are out in the open. The Meteor Crisis of October 2013 will allow the commie bastard in the White House to declare Martial Law, and America is gone forever.

*** EMERGENCY ALERT ***   25 October 2009

On 24 Oct 2009 the criminal usurper Obama issued a Presidential Declaration of National Emergency based on the supposed swine flu epidemic crisis.  This declaration will empower the immediate effect to activate the standing 21 Presidential Executive Orders for FEMA and the Military to proceed to take over America. Electronic communications first, then all other avenues of commerce and personal freedoms will be taken away, culminating in the imposition of Martial Law and implementation of the REX 84 and sub plans for arresting all Patriots and State and Large City leaders, for removal to the FEMA camps, for termination.  Guard your self and family, and plan/ act accordingly.  The end of America is here NOW.  Ready your militia units for action.

IN MEMORIUM:  World class Patriot Leader Christopher Story was murdered by the CIA spook assissains and died on July 14, 2010.  This truly great Patriot and humanitarian spent his life and resources fighting the criminals enslaving the world for the One World Order, and their Zionist masters.  This truly great man will be sorely missed by all freedom loving men everywhere.

EMERGENCY ALERT 3 ON August 2, 2011

The OUTLAW Congress slipped the final screwing of the people into the wonderful New Deal content of the " Deal " in the bill to raise the debt limit! It gives more dictitorial powers to the ursurper Obama, and creates a " Super Committee " which can ram through it's own Bills, with control completely outside the Speaker of the House, cut off any debate or changes, and bypass the Senate rules and stop any debate or Fillibustering.  A gauntlet of gun control, registration, and confiscation of firearms, and bills to make any person an enemy of the state, and strip away any persons Constitutional Rights are ready for this Super Comittee to ram through, all completely UNCONSTITUTIONAL.  This is the end of America as it has been known.  Martial law is just around the corner.  This portion of the spending/debt ceiling bill would have to be a constitutional amendment to have any force within the 50 states.  The criminal zionist bankers have bribed themselves a home run.


Go see the data yourself. Google HAARP, Google CHEMTRAILS, Google: Project Cloverleaf , SEE:  The Youtube Videos of the same name.

**** ALERT 7  **** June 2013 The Federal Rats are going to their Bunkers

Since January 2013, more than 100 18 wheelers of supplies have gone to deliver food and supplies each day into the underground bunker cities in America.  You and I are not invited.  The Continuity of Government Plan has already spent $ 800 Trillion of the People's earnings since 1985 to provide the gangsters and their Zionist Masters with a safe haven to escape the coming terror which everyone else will endure. Congress was never even allowed to read the plan, but they approved it.  Any congress person who does not know of the Plan is not invited to go. You dummies got that. No staff either.

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In brief, you should know the following about us: Our Association was established in 2002 and has been responsible for providing outstanding Educational Research Papers and Documents ever since to Citizen Patriots engaged in defending themselves from Illegal Intrusion, harassment, intimidation, and Legal Dificulties from several illegal Agents claiming to represent the United States Government. Our specialty is in the area of the Illegal Income Tax against American " National " citizens, lawless activities by the Private Company Internal Revenue Service/ ATF, a contractor for the private banking cartel Federal Reserve System operating as a contractor for the Dept of the Treasury of Puerto Rico, illegal Prosecutions of United States of America Citizens by a US Justice Department and Article 4 USDC Courts with no statutory Subject Matter Authority ever given by the US Congress.

**** Read Topic 1 Research paper:  Council on Foreign Relations: Enemy of the People, download it, share it with other Citizen Patriots, print it and share it around with your friends, Email it to others as an attachment to your Emails.  It explains the who, why and how the current economic desaster has come upon the people of America, and the World.  Who stole your 401k money?  Here is the answer on who did it, and they are the same ones who stole $ 7 trillion from everyone in America in the Savings and Loan crisis.  If you are not old enough to remember that, ask your dad.  This is the last chance to learn the truth, before all the Patriot sites like this one are shut down by the crooked US Government gangsters.  Are you and your kids ready to pay back the National Debt, now standing at $ 77 Trillion.  Your share is currently $7,697,000.00. 

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